About Me

I am a maker.  I make sculptures, smiles, choices, change.  When I grow up I want to make a difference.  I am a maker.


I have been creating art in one way or another since as long as I can remember.  The turning point into working with metal was in high school when I took the money I earned from a summer job and bought my first welder. I have grown and developed my sculpture and style by trying new things.  I like to play on the balance between nature and infrastructure, often combining steel and stone in a contrasting yet seamless way.  I don’t always have clear drawings or plans at the outset of a new work and enjoy letting the piece evolve with the process of creation, encouraging the use of material on hand and recycled when possible. I like my work to do the talking and rarely tell viewers the meaning or what to think of it.  I feel that it is my role, as an artist, to provide the impetus for others to feel and think for themselves.    

Contact Me

PO BOX 1001

Morrisville, VT 05661